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Introducing Stephen Somers’ Marketplace SuperHeroes offer

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The Product

Our Kickstart Reselling Model is the #1 fastest & most risk free way to start or grow an income stream on Amazon.

Inside the program, Stephen & our resident Amazon Reselling expert Josh, teach you the 6 Step Masterplan to create a lifestyle business on Amazon, without taking risks or needing a big budget, even if you’ve never started or built a business before.

This program is the A-Z of finding and selling your first deals as an Amazon reseller, without importing from China, big upfront inventory costs, or waiting for months to make sales. Instead of importing, your clients can easily buy high converting products from existing retail and online stores who are more than happy to sell to them!

This is a no risk, fast start up strategy that involves no marketing of any kind.

The program has three price points, making it a no-brainer offer for just about anyone. We also offer a 3 x pay payment plan, as an additional way to convert prospects to buyers.

Launched in 2023… Marketplace SuperHeroes Top 4 webinars stats

Here’s What Our Existing Affiliate Partners Say About Marketplace SuperHeroes…

Stephen and I have been partnered together over the last few years, and together we have helped thousands of people build Amazon businesses, and that's been a super rewarding experience.

Stephen has this amazing ability to take a complex subject and break it down into easy to understand terms, so that people can take action.

If you are considering working with Stephen...then, without hesitation, I would recommend that you do so!

Tatiana James

For You - If You Have:

Traffic focused lists

Ecom Focused

Biz op Lists

Stay at Home Moms

Here’s How you Can Promote MPSH
& Make Big Fat Commissions On Every Sale…


Send People Straight to the VSL Page

Just give your list/subscribers the link to the Video Sales Letter (VSL) page.

It’s like cutting out the middleman and taking them straight to the good stuff.

This way, they get all the info they need without any distractions, and you get more chances to earn those commissions.


Run an Automated Webinar

Set up a webinar that runs on its own.

It’s like having a virtual sales pitch that works 24/7 without you having to lift a finger.

You show off Marketplace SuperHeroes to your audience, and every sale made through the webinar means money in your pocket.


Let Us Host a LIVE Webinar for You

If you can get more than 50 people on the call, we can host a live webinar for you to promote and sell Marketplace SuperHeroes directly to your audience.

Our team will do all the heavy lifting while you sit back and watch the commissions roll in.

Live webinars are a great way to engage your audience and drive sales effortlessly.

Simply Pick-n-Use These Professionally Created Promo Tools AND Bank BIG Commissions

Landing Page

It’s like a special website page made by pros where you send people who want to learn about Marketplace SuperHeroes

It’s designed to grab attention and convince visitors to buy, helping you earn more commissions.

Replay Page

If someone misses a webinar or event about Marketplace SuperHeroes, this page lets them watch it later, like a video playback.

It’s a handy way for people to catch up and still buy the product through your link.

Order Form

It’s a simple page where customers fill in their payment info to buy Marketplace SuperHeroes

It’s easy to use and trustworthy, making it more likely for people to make a purchase, which means more commissions for you.

We look forward to sending you tons of commissions and taking great care of your customers

Need Anything Else?

If you need anything at all that can help you promote Marketplace SuperHeroes to your list… feel free to get in touch.


You Should Promote Marketplace SuperHeroes

Get Results for Customers

We're all about making sure your customers see real results.

Earn BIG FAT Commissions While Helping Customers

When your customers succeed, you earn commissions – it's that simple.

Suitable for all types of customers

Our solution is suitable for all types of customers. It is proven to get results for everyone.

Effortless Promotion

Promoting is a breeze with us. Just one click and all your emails are uploaded to your CRM. Plus, we handle any issues for you.

Get Paid Instantly

You get paid instantly for every sale you make. No waiting around.

More Earnings Per Customer

You'll earn more for each customer you bring in, not just for each promotion.

Lots of Ways to Promote

We offer many ways for you to promote, so you can choose what works best for you.

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