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Bonus 1

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You will receive a 30 minute strategy session one on one with myself to get you planned out for the year ahead. I charge $500 an hour for one on one sessions so this is a hug value for you.
You'll walk away with the following
* 3 achievable goals
* A mind map of you next 90 days
* A checklist to follow
* The tools to accomplish your goals

Bonus 2

Cheat Sheet

Get my step by step zero to Launch checklist. Use this checklist to launch anything from a Blog page to your own physical product. I have never shared this checklist with anyone except for a handful of pro launchers. This is Priceless

Bonus 3

Fly on the wall Q&A

A never seen before Q&A with my self and Luke Mguire the creator of Viral & Social  Autobots on how we generate over 6 figures in less than 7 days. This has been a never seen before video. This Is where myself and Luke literally pick each others brain on how we run our businesses


Bonus 4

My very own Planning Sheets

My very own planning sheets for you to download and write your own with my goals and task for the next 30 days, broken down in to weekly and even daily tasks. With a Full Video walkthrough of how i personally plan out my business month to month, week to week, day to day.


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