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Subject 1: Passive Profits From The Video Revolution

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Video and social media now combine to drive the majority of online traffic.When you know how to control both, you have a license to print money.

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Instantly become an expert at driving FB traffic - for yourself or clients.
Master video marketing - and you’ll ALWAYS have traffic and customers willing to pay for your services.

Discover how to outsource - and you’ll have a passive profit machine that drives sales for you 24/7.

All this and more is included in this complete software and training system.

Cutting edge WP theme you can install on up to 500 sites to EFFORTLESSLY sell services in unlimited niches.

Step-by-step training from top video and FB marketers.

Complete support every step of the way. The only way NOT to profit with this is not to plug it in.

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Subject 1: Passive Profits From The Video Revolution

Subject 2: 1 Click Install - Profit By Tomorrow!



Video and social media now combine to drive the majority of online traffic.When you know how to control both, you have a license to print money.

>> Get YOUR License Here!

Instantly become an expert at driving FB traffic - for yourself or clients.
Master video marketing - and you’ll ALWAYS have traffic and customers willing to pay for your services.

Discover how to outsource - and you’ll have a passive profit machine that drives sales for you 24/7.

All this and more is included in this complete software and training system.

Cutting edge WP theme you can install on up to 500 sites to EFFORTLESSLY sell services in unlimited niches.

Step-by-step training from top video and FB marketers.

Complete support every step of the way. The only way NOT to profit with this is not to plug it in.

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Beginner Banks $2391 In ONE Day With This!

Real Results From Real People - Are You Next?


There are plenty of systems out there that are BIG on promises … and SHORT on proof. I’m not talking about results from the product creators  either. I’m interested in proof from real students using the system.

Consider this testimonial from a student of this proven method:

“Absolutely AMAZING. I’m holding 3 checks in my hand right now totalling
$2391 for 1 days work … I went out today to visit 4 clients … 3 of them
were sold the other’s still pending … You guys rock!” - Vincenzo Oliva

That’s the kind of proof I’m talking about. Real results from a real user.

>> Click Here To See How He Did It!

All by plugging in the software and following the simple training videos.
This method works by providing a valuable service to a huge market.

$2391 in a single day from a beginner? Yup, this works.

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P.S. you DON’T need to visit prospects in person for this to work … it can all be done online. If you want to turbocharge your results without leaving  your computer …

>> check out the 2nd upgrade offer to find out how!

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It Ain’t What You Know, It’s Who You Know

How “Non-Experts” Make The Big Bucks


We all know people that seem to make unfair profits without knowing much about anything at all.

Their secret? All about who you know, not what you know.

Let’s say you know a market that is absolutely lining up to pay for a service. AND you know how to outsource those services for a very reasonable cost.

Put the 2 together, and without doing ANYTHING technical yourself, you’re making profits.

>> Watch This Video To Find Out More!

This is the real deal. Complete training on how to deliver the most in-demand services to local businesses and independent marketers …

Plus a complete sales platform that positions you as the expert.

It’s literally plug and play. The software installs in a single click, and the training is step by step. You can’t miss with this one.

Plenty of proof right on the page, from REAL students getting real results.


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Profit Lessons From Political Morons

Passive Profits Explained By Donald Trump



Love him or hate him, it’s hard to argue that Donald Trump knows how to stir the pot. He’s in the US presidential race and constantly refers to his business “successes” to build his brand.

Never mind how many times he’s gone bankrupt.
Forget that he hasn’t paid federal taxes in years.
Or that his hair is a complete joke …

But the guy has got something right. He KNOWS how to get OTHER people

to provide services and grab more than his fair share of the profits.

If you could do that in an ethical way, would you?

Simply connect willing buyers with quality service providers and take a cut?

That’s the way of business, and thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever.

>> Here’s How!

Unlimited market lining up to buy.

Your choice of service providers to connect with buyers - or simply provide the services yourself to keep ALL the profits (full training included).

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of ‘The” Donald. But I respect his ability to pull profits out of thin air. And now you can do the same.

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FB Video Gold

You Got It, They Want It



We’re witnessing a unique moment in the world of the internet.

Video and social media now combine to drive a HUGE majority of all online traffic.

Businesses and marketers know it, and are paying big dollars to consultants who can help them cash in on this trend.

If you can drive social traffic, you can charge a premium.

If you can provide video marketing services, you call the shots.

If you can do both … you can laugh all the way to the bank. EVEN if you don’t provide the services yourself, but simply connect buyers with service providers.

Ready to cash in on the NEW internet revolution?

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This all-in-one system sets you up as an EXPERT providing both video and social media marketing services.

Shows you how to perform the services OR outsource them if you want truly passive profits.

And gives you a selling platform that closes deals for you 24/7.

Nothing on the market can touch the results this gets. With proof from real students all over the page.

Highly recommended.

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[Software] Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Why NOT You?



Every day, dozens of new “methods” come out promising internet riches at the push of a button. Most are complete BS.

But some provide real results:

“InstaFolio rocks. You guys always put out quality products. I have gotten so many compliments about my new site. I picked up a client from it within 4 hours of it being set up and finished.”

That’s just one testimonial from one student. Why does this method work so well?

It’s been created by a team including a top level video marketer, high-end FB marketer AND an award-winning software developer.

Each with successful independent businesses, and they came together to create an all-in-one income solution for online marketers.

From software to training and industry-leading support, you’re covered every step of the way.

For an extremely limited time, you can get the whole money-making system for a low one-time fee.

Proven results and a full guarantee. Absolutely nothing to lose, and zero experience needed.

Forget the BS. Time for something that works.

>> This Is It!

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[Closing] DFY Video & FB Profits

Last Call! Video InstaFolio Is Closing!


Recently I’ve been sharing details about a revolutionary new software and training system that’s been getting complete beginners incredible results.

Why? It creates a REAL business for you that provides valuable services to a massive market. This is supply and demand at it’s finest … and practically everything is done for you.

The catch? The doors close tonight. This is your LAST chance to pick up this PROVEN system for a low one-time fee. I’d hate for you to miss out.

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I gave you all the notice I could. Really hope the doors are still open when you check it out.

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All Your Angel Swipes - Every Angel You Can Think of + Short & Full Emails

Beginners / General MMO - FULL +



[Controversial] Why Making Products Is A Bad Idea

How To MAXIMIZE Profit & Eliminate Risk




Something a bit different for you today. No doubt you’ve heard to build an

online income, at some point you should be creating products.


Well, that comes with considerable risk. You’ll invest time and often a lot of

cash, before knowing if you’ll sell a single unit.


Know what’s easier and practically risk-free?

Selling SERVICES to other marketers and product creators.

Best part? You can do it EVEN if you don’t provide the service yourself!


>> Here’s How!


You’ll discover 2 premium services marketers are lining up to pay for.

How to either perform the services yourself OR how to outsource them.


And be given a premium software that creates top-converting websites in



These perfectly optimized sites actually do the selling for you - just hook

them up and they’ll even accept payments from clients while you sleep.


You get paid before doing a thing - and that’s as risk-free as it gets!


This method has been created especially for beginners by a team of 3

marketers with proven track records.


Their students have already been getting amazing results with their real

world solutions.


>> See The Testimonials Here!


Life’s full of risks. Earning online doesn’t have to be.


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Beginners / General MMO - SHORT +



2 Marketers And A Software Genius Walk Into A Bar…

You Want THIS Team On YOUR Side!




What happens when a FB marketing expert, video marketing expert and

a software genius get together in a bar?


They walk out with a complete DFY traffic and profit system that ANYONE

can plug in to make passive income online.


Step-by-step training from a team of traffic experts.

Cutting edge software that does the selling for you.


>> If You Can Copy & Paste, You Got This!


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Biz-In-A-Box - FULL +



Install. Launch. Profit.

DFY Video Profits In A Box




LOTS of moving parts to a successful online business. Websites, products,

social media accounts, traffic … just for starters.


No wonder so many people quit!


Let’s say you were given a product or products to sell.

A website that closes deals.

And complete training on how to set it all up.


>> Check This Out It’s Awesome!


The “products” you’ll be given are way more valuable than simple eBooks or

PLR. Instead, you’ll be given premium services to sell to an unlimited market.


You’ll be shown everything you need to master video marketing and social

media traffic - or how to outsource for a completely hands-free solution.


And instead of just one website, you’ll be given a premium WordPress theme

you can install on up to 500 sites.


Perfectly designed to sell services FOR you. Just install it in a single click,

customize with the simple-to-use editor, and you’re in business.


The whole thing integrates with your FB account so you can leverage free traffic

at the same time.


Premium products to sell? Check.

Premium sales platform to close the deal? Check.

Free social traffic to get clients? Check.


Practically everything’s done for you, and very few moving parts.


>> Install Today To Profit As Soon As Tomorrow!


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Biz-In-A-Box SHORT +



I’m Giving YOU The Keys

It’s Like A DFY Franchise WITHOUT The Fees




Why do marketers like to over-complicate things? Today more than ever,

it’s become VERY easy to make a great living online. How? Simple:


=> Have a product or service to offer

=> Have a hungry market that WANTS your product or service

=> Have a sales platform that closes deals for you


That’s it! 3 things. Product, market, sales platform.


>> This Is EVERYTHING You Need In One!


All-inclusive, paint-by-numbers PROVEN method to results, with real students

making real money.


Proof is all over the page. Check it out for yourself … you’ll be glad you did.


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Social Media Marketing - FULL +



8 BILLION Views Per Day?

Get Social To Get Paid




Everyone knows Facebook is a great place to advertise. But the cost of ads

seems to be going up every day.


If you’re driving social traffic for yourself or clients, you need an edge.

And right now, that edge is video.


Over 8 billion daily video views on FB. The audience is eating it up.

And video ads are the most effective, lowest cost solution to driving FB traffic.


This is your chance to learn from a TEAM of specialists everything you need

to know about successfully marketing on FB with video.


And if you provide social media services to clients - or are thinking about it -

this system has you completely covered.


With a powerful WP theme designed SPECIFICALLY to sell your services for

you. 100% customizable and you can install it on up to 500 sites.


Integrates via API to your fanpages as well, so you can use viral FB traffic to

make automated sales.


All the social traffic you can handle for the lowest possible cost.

Premium theme that positions YOU as a social media marketing expert, and

closes sales FOR you.


Step-by-step video training from some of the most successful FB and video

marketers in the industry.


>> Time To Cash In With Social Video!


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Social Media Marketing - SHORT +



Lazy Social Media Marketing Commissions

The FASTEST Way To Social Media Paydays




Millions of businesses advertise on FB. Many of them don’t really know

how to get the best results.


Which opens up a HUGE opportunity for smart marketers.


>> This Is YOUR Ticket To Social Profits


Discover how to effectively provide (or outsource) FB marketing services

to a massive, untapped market.


And be set up with a WP theme that’ll create stunning sites that instantly

position you as the authority in your field.


Even if you don’t have ANY experience right now.


>> This Is So Easy It Feels Like Cheating!


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WordPress / Website Creators - FULL +



Next Level WP Theme For TOP Conversions

A Website Theme That Sells FOR You




Anyone marketing anything online needs a website … and often way more

than just one.


WordPress themes are a popular choice for site developers because most

are pretty flexible and can be installed on multiple sites.


But … very few WP themes are designed with selling as the top priority.

Because WP was originally built for bloggers and content marketers …

NOT entrepreneurs looking to maximize profits.


I’ve just come across a brand new theme that combines the best of both.

Visually stunning, incredibly flexible and built to SELL from the ground up.


With top quality features normally only found on themes costing hundreds:


=> Fully mobile responsive

=> Payment-processor ready

=> Stunning video portfolio

=> 1-click install

=> Next level design and graphics

=> 100% customisable with zero coding


>> Click Here To Get A Full Demo Of The Theme!


Install on up to 500 sites for a single, low one-time fee.


Extensive training on both video marketing and social media traffic is included … services you can choose to sell yourself using this robust theme.


Or just use the training to drive traffic at will to whatever you have on offer.


Includes industry-leading support and ongoing updates.


>> This Is The Last WP Theme You’ll Ever Need!


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WordPress / Website Creators - SHORT +



[Software] Powerful WP Theme Drives Sales On Autopilot

The ONLY WP Theme For Serious Marketers




When you cross a top level digital marketer with a WP theme developer,

you get Santosh Singh.


And along with his partners, he’s created a next generation WP theme

with 1 goal: to sell more of your stuff.


Cutting edge design, powerful features and incredibly easy to customise.

Every element of this theme is setup to maximize your conversions.


>> Click Here For The Demo


Install on up to 500 sites for a low, one-time fee. Industry leading support

and updates included.


This is as good as it gets.


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Freelancing - FULL +



The 3 Things Top-Paid Freelancers Have…

Work LESS To Make MORE




Freelancing is becoming more popular, but like anything else, only a small

percentage of people are making the big bucks. How do they do it?


First, they offer PREMIUM services people are already paying for.


Second, they have a huge market and no shortage of contracts.


Third, they have a sales platform that closes deals FOR them.


>> Here’s How To Get All 3!


Video marketing and social traffic are in such demand, there are literally

more customers than service providers right now. If you can provide these

services - or outsource them - you can set your own prices.


All you need is to position yourself as an expert, and nothing does that

better than a high-end website that does the selling for you.


Today you can get your hands on a COMPLETE system that includes it all.


Training on video marketing and social traffic services - and how to outsource

them - so you can start offering these services as soon as tomorrow.


A next generation WordPress theme CUSTOM built for freelancers. Designed

by marketers and developed by a WP theme creator who happens to be a

top-rated freelancer himself.


Everything about this theme is designed to sell for you. With a professional

video portfolio, stunning graphics and perfectly placed calls to action.


You can customize any part of the theme with zero coding and install it on up

to 500 sites … meaning you can laser target ANY market you want.


There isn’t a faster or more powerful way to jumpstart your freelancing profits.


>> Get All The Details Here!


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Freelancing - SHORT +



Who Else Wants To Work From Home?

Ready To Quit Your Day Job?




Freelancing sure sounds great … what’s not to like about working in pyjamas?

Thing is, most people that try it DON’T get the results they want.


Why? Usually a combination of offering the wrong service to the wrong market.


When you offer PREMIUM services to an UNTAPPED market, you get paid the

big bucks. Every single time.


>> This Works EVEN If You Don’t Provide The Services Yourself!


Step-by-step from scratch to sales, with video training and software included.
Be up and running & making profits by tomorrow.


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Niche Marketing - FULL +



500 DFY Niche Marketing Sites

Enter & Dominate ANY Niche You Want




Niche marketing can be incredibly profitable because you’re going after a highly targeted audience.


Whether you’re selling your own stuff, or providing services to the marketers

themselves - the more specialized you go, the higher the profit potential.


Imagine being able to set up a niche marketing site in a single click, and create

up to 500 of them.


This brand new, incredibly powerful WP theme lets you do exactly that. Here

are just SOME of the features:


=> 1-click install

=> fully mobile responsive

=> Paypal-ready

=> next level design and graphics

=> complete video portfolio included

=> 100% customisable


This software is more than a theme - it’s a complete business model. Positioning

YOU as an expert in your niche.


Included training will show you how to master video marketing and FB video ads -

so you can drive traffic to your own offers or sell these services to clients.


And with the ability to install it on up to 500 sites, you can laser target ANY niche

you want for lazy profits all day long.


I haven’t seen a more powerful theme for niche marketers before.


>> See It In Action Here!


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Niche Marketing - SHORT +



The Money’s In The … Niche Site?

Niche It Down For MORE Cash




Some of the most successful marketers I know don’t have one business.

They have dozens.


Each one targeting a very SPECIFIC audience of proven buyers.


Sure, you could put all your eggs into one basket and struggle to convert

untargeted prospects into customers …


Or you could create MULTIPLE sites that each laser target a narrow audience

and drive passive profits on autopilot.


>> Click Here To See How EASY It Is!


Step-by-step training AND software so easy to use, you could be making sales

and profits by this time tomorrow.


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Video Marketing - FULL +



Who’s REALLY Cashing In With Video?

Your Own Video Marketing Agency




Video services are in huge demand. Local businesses & independent

marketers know how important video is to drive traffic & make sales.


But … most of them actually prefer to outsource their video marketing.

Making this a service with an unlimited market.


If you know how to make videos, rank them, and drive social media traffic …

You can write your own paycheck.


OR … you can simply get OTHERS to do the work and make passive

arbitrage profits.


>> Click Here For The FASTEST Path To Video Profits!


You’ll be shown step by step how to perform the most in-demand services

marketers are paying for. And how to outsource them as well - so you can

cash in without ever creating a single video.


You’ll be given a stunning WP theme specifically designed to sell your services.

Installs in a single click and can be 100% customized with zero coding.


Designed by video marketers and created by a LEADING software developer

and freelancer. Every element of this powerful theme is designed to do the

selling for you.


Including a complete video portfolio that showcases your services to clients.

Paypal buttons already set up - just put in your details and this site can take

payments for you 24/7.


There’s more demand for video and social marketing services than there are

people to provide them. Now you can easily cash in offering PREMIUM

services to this hungry market.


>> Everything You Need Is Right Here!


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Video Marketing - SHORT +



Video Marketing’s Dirty Little Secret

Risk Free Video Profits




Video drives 64% of consumer-based online traffic - and that number is

expected to hit 80% in a couple years.


Marketers know this and are putting huge dollars into video marketing.


>> Click Here For Risk-Free Video Profits!


The real secret to video profits is to SELL video marketing services to

customers that desperately need them. And believe me, there is NO

shortage of business!


You can even bank big by outsourcing everything with this system.


Everything you need is included: step-by-step training and a PREMIUM

software that makes websites that’ll do the selling for you.


>> See The System In Action Here!


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Arbitrage - FULL - +



The ART Of Buying Low & Selling High

Next Generation Digital Arbitrage




If arbitrage is supposed to be such an easy way to make money, why does

it seem every week there’s a new course on how to do it?


Obviously something’s not working!


Physical product arbitrage is solid … in theory. Buy a bunch of product for one

price, sell it at a higher price. Works great until you’re stuck with a garage full

of stuff and no buyers!


I prefer digital arbitrage - selling services that you outsource to others. Why?


You’re never stuck dealing with inventory or shipping hassles.

You don’t need to invest anything upfront … and the best part?


You get paid BEFORE you deliver the service!


>> Click Here For Passive Arbitrage Profits


Everything you need is included. From step by step training to what services to

offer and how to outsource them …

Plus a stunning WordPress theme that instantly creates top-converting sites

positioning you as the expert in your field.


This COMPLETE arbitrage system sets you up for hands-free profits starting

as soon as tomorrow.


Brought to you by a TEAM of marketers that are experts at outsourcing and

selling premium services.


>> Watch This Video To See Exactly How It’s Done!


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Arbitrage - SHORT +



Unfair Arbitrage Profits Made Easy

Why I LOVE Being The Middle Man




Some call it arbitrage.

I call it “profit - skimming”.


Find someone that’ll pay a premium for a certain service.

Connect them with a service provider that’ll do it for cheap.


Skim the profits.


>> This Is EXACTLY How It’s Done


Completely legit, in-demand services and an unlimited market.

It’s never been more profitable to be a middle man.


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