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Tom Yevsikov
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Today’s Money Is Being Spent ONLINE …
And THAT’S Where The Profits Are!

Hey it’s Simon Harries here along with The Launch Express Team to share why this spending shift will have a HUGE impact on your financial future.

With over 3.2 BILLION internet users and 2 billion people on social media, the way people spend money today is completely different than just a few years ago.

The digital economy has already created many winners & losers:1

Internet Marketing
Dominates INC.’s List
Of America’s 5,000
Fastest Growing

- Marketing Land

Never before have so many digital product sellers been
on this annual list of fastest growing companies:

a search engine marketing company,
grew annual revenues by 8,448%
between 2010-2013

another internet marketing company,
has grown 7,500% since 2010

a lead generation software producer,
increased annual revenues from 100K to 5.9 MILLION in 3 short years

Not to mention the explosive growth of eCommerce giants like Amazon, ebay & Alibaba …

eCommerce is now a
1+ TRILLION dollar industry, growing at over 20% per year

Or the unprecedented rise in profitable social media companies like BuzzFeed, Mashable and ViralNova.

Over 150 BILLION
was spent online in 2015

BUT … Businesses That
FAILED To Adapt Paid The Price

Within the last 10 years,
several household-name companies
have gone bankrupt, including:

  • Circuit City, a top US electronics retailer
  • Linens & Things, from 570 stores to bankruptcy
  • HMV, the famous internet retailer in business since 1921
  • Borders, the popular book & music retailer that had 1200 stores at its peak

By NOT changing quickly enough to this new form of online spending, the above brands and hundreds others have failed.

What’s The Common Theme Here?

Marketers that provide products in a way that makes it EASY for consumers to buy, make money. Companies and brands that don’t, go out of business.

You’ve seen it for yourself. Take a walk through a main street of any small town … and just see how many small businesses are closed.

Meanwhile, Black Friday and other major online shopping events drive unlimited profits to the businesses that take advantage.

What This Means For YOU

It’s pretty simple, actually. There’s never been an easier time to make a GREAT income from the internet …

BUT the time to act is NOW!

People everywhere are ALREADY buying online. They’re forming RELATIONSHIPS with independent businesses and companies. Get in DURING this online shift, and you can be set for life.

Wait even just a few months …

The Online Income “Miracle”

Buying online works so well because it’s just so easy for consumers. That’s why it’s not a trend - it’s just the way things work and will continue to work.

The UPSIDE to this is that selling online allows ANYONE to profit easier, and with much less risk, than ever before:

  • Lowest cost of entry of any type of business - next to zero upfront investment required
  • No expensive overhead, store rental costs or staff to pay
  • Zero experience needed- anyone can cash in with an internet connection and the proper system

You Can Literally
Start Getting Results
Like This

Over $3,000

Over $33,000

Over $11,000

Over $4,000

Affiliate Results

But you don’t need your own online product to have the paydays like you have seen above.

What if I told you that you can generate multiple hundred dollar days, even thousand dollar days by simply sending an email.

Well that’s one thing we have mastered here at The Launch Express, we show you in depth how you can generate a huge return from a job which can only takes 90 seconds to complete.

With our step by step training you can become a super affiliate promoting other vendors products whilst generating a huge return from a simple email.

You can see below exactly how much we have earned from the exact training within the Accelerator Growth Programme… YOU have the chance to add a new revenue stream to your online business which you can run on complete autopilot.

Your Successful Online Business = FREEDOM

When you market online, you’re not tied to a desk or location. You can literally make sales and profits while travelling, visiting family & friends, or even sleeping.

Because the internet DOESN’T sleep. So once you have a system set up, you’re making sales 24/7 whether you’re at your computer, or at the beach.

If It’s So Great, Why Isn’t Everyone Doing It?

The sad fact is, a huge number of people DO try to earn online … but …. Most fail - about 94% actually - within about 6 months.

Why? Plenty of reasons, and in most cases, it’s not their fault. Everyday, dozens of new products and “quick-rich” systems are introduced online.

Most of these products have one goal: to make the product creator money, NOT to actually help the buyer. It’s a sad fact but we’ve seen it too many times to ignore.

Consider some of the following areas that certain vendors ‘promise’ will make you money:

Just to name a few. Do they work? Sometimes. BUT - the majority of products advertising these methods are not complete. You get 1 piece of the puzzle - then find out you need dozens of extra pieces to make them

Most Methods Want You To Buy …
We Want You To Sell!

The most EFFECTIVE way to create long term, passive income online is to create and sell digital products.

There - we said it. Very few people will admit this. Why? Because - it takes a tiny bit of work. There are NO push button, get-rich-quick schemes, period. But you want to know something?

When work is fun, it doesn’t feel like work at all. And this business IS fun - we can’t wait to get to the office everyday, and our students say the exact same thing!

When you have a digital product and introduce it to a market of people that NEED what you’re offering, you really can make hands-free profits. Make something ONCE, and it can sell FOREVER. Now that is a whole lot of fun!

The Difference Between “Can’t” And “Won’t”

We’re in a digital economy. You already know that. Digital info products drove over 60 BILLION dollars in sales last year.

YouTube “how-to” searches are up 70% year over year - people everywhere are ACTIVELY searching for solutions to problems - and are happy to PAY for them.

What we’re telling you is that to profit from this digital economy, you need to have your own products to sell. But many people think it’s too hard … is it really?

  • If you’ve written an essay in school, you can make a digital product
  • If you can create a slideshow, you can make a digital product
  • If you can record a video - even without being on screen - you can make a digital product

So ask yourself this simple question: “can you” or “won’t you”? When the DIFFERENCE can be a life-changing online income and all the freedom that brings, or struggling for the rest of your life?

Here’s Where It Gets Easy

The team here at Launch Express are SPECIALISTS in creating and marketing digital products online.

We’ve been involved in over 30 product launches - from product creation to marketing and sales.

These products have gone on to drive over 2 MILLION dollars in sales in 18 months … and they CONTINUE to sell to this day.

This is what we do, and continue to do. And we’re here to show YOU how to do it as well, with the complete support of our entire team.

From start to finish, no stone unturned, and holding your hand every step of the way until you too have a PROFITABLE online business marketing digital products.

The Launch Express

Step By Step To YOUR


(Monthly)Accelerator Growth: Cash Program

We created this membership program for one reason: to allow ANYONE to take advantage of this massive shift in consumer spending, and PROFIT from it.

Over the years we’ve invested THOUSANDS in trainings, one-on-one coaching and various programs.

Then applied the very best from these systems to our own businesses. After MONTHS of trial and error, we’ve developed a PROVEN method to online success.

This system has been SUCCESSFULLY tested with dozens of marketers - you’ve already seen their results and there are many more.

The result of this research and testing is the most COMPLETE, step by step method to creating a profitable online business that exists at any price.

How The Accelerator Growth Program
Will Make You Money

100% results-based

the exact same strategies we’ve used ourselves and with our students are broken down so you can copy/paste these winning methods to drive profits

Zero guesswork

your membership includes step-by-step modules and trainings that will build your online business fast

PROVEN success blueprint

consisting of walk-thru videos showing you exactly WHAT to do, and WHEN to do it, to build your business

Bimonthly LIVE coaching calls

every 2 weeks all members are invited to a LIVE Q&A call where we’ll highlight the latest trainings and answer all questions

UNLIMITEDteam support

full-time dedicated support team to respond to your questions via email so you’re NEVER on your own

Kickstart YOUR Way To Online Income Freedom!

It all starts with a Launch Express exclusive - the kickstarter series. This 7-step combination of videos and training guides is your custom “quick start” introduction to the program.

This overview clearly explains what we’ll be doing and how we’ll be doing it - together - to build your business.

Can You Really Get Paid Doing Something You Love?

Many programs would say no. There are tons of courses that say the only way to make money online is to focus on the internet marketing niche.

We disagree … and have dozens of success stories from students in multiple niches to back it up.

With so many people buying online, the profit potential is really only limited by your imagination. Currently there are EIGHT highly profitable categories you can build a business in.

We’ll introduce you to these categories, then personally help you select a niche that is perfect for you … one that you LOVE and can make consistent money in.

Once we’ve helped you choose a niche, you’re ready for your custom 3 week plan:

“Hey Simon, nice to see you out there building your own online empire. You’re one of the guys I can always rely on for solid support and advice when needed. Keep rocking bro!”

Kevin Fahey

“Simon is one of the most pleasant people I’ve ever worked with - he’s always helped me out whenever I needed anything … If you’re looking to make money, get results and make the whole process fun and enjoyable, I highly recommend partnering up with Simon Harries”

Traian Turcu

“I launched my product yesterday and we have grossed over $4k. I have even had big affiliates on board. Thanks so Simon Harries I launched the way he told me to. I even managed to get product of the day thanks to the Launch Express.”

Luan Henrique Casagrande

The Rapid 20
Your Own Online Business In 20 Days Or Less

We’ve discovered thru personal experience and feedback from students that the key reason for failure is simple: not getting results fast enough.

So to ELIMINATE this issue we’ve created the exclusive “Rapid 20” program that will have YOUR online business up and running in under 3 weeks.

With a brief daily video showing over-the-shoulder exactly what to do - and when to do it - to have your own business setup in 20 days or less:

In about 30 minutes per day, you’ll have your own online business set up and ready to go … just by watching these short videos and following the simple instructions.

Then, it’s time to go and make some SERIOUS money with:

The Business Income Multiplier
(BIM) System

8 modules created by SPECIALISTS in the field.

Each designed to MAXIMIZE your profits by making you an
expert in the following areas:

Internet Marketing 101

9 Training Guides cover the exciting space of IM and how YOU can leverage it for maximum profit potential

List Building 101

Video and Training Guides show you how to create one of the most powerful assets you’ll own in digital marketing

Product Creation

Complete Video modules walk you step-by-step how to easily create products that sell

Product Launching 101

Get a behind the scenes look at our proven methods to makes products sell and how to set yourself up for success

Softwares & Tools

Each month we’ll share new softwares, WP themes and plugins to use in your business

FB Domination

9 Training Guides and 4 videos break down exactly what you need to know to dominate social media traffic

Technical Walk-Throughs

Our exclusive Videos take you step by step to master any tech to automate your business

Understanding the Buyer

Our Training Guide based module will explode your ability to sell by understanding consumer motivation

The BIM system is YOUR TICKET
to maximizing revenues by
understanding every single element of traffic, list building,
product creation and marketing. ALONE this sectionis

With Your Launch Express Membership,
You’re NEVER On Your Own:

EXCLUSIVE FB Community Access

Network with other members and our team to gain insights, form valuable partnerships and learn from others that are out there and building businesses

ANNUAL VIP Special Event Tickets

Each year we host a marketing seminar that we charge THOUSANDS for - your membership includes a free ticket each year to come and network with the best in the business

Regular Content, Software & Training Updates

Every month we’ll keep you updated with fresh content, updated softwares & tools, and everything you need to stay at the TOP of the field

1-Click Support

Our dedicated support team is on hand to answer ANY question you have within 24 hours

LIVE Bi-Monthly Group Coaching Calls

We’ll cover key elements of the training and stay on the call until every single question is answered

The ONLY Resource You’ll Need

One key reason so many fail online is it never seems one product or service covers all the bases.

Just when you “think” you’ve found a product that does it all, you realize you’ll need extra tools and training.

At The Launch Express, we understand that so have included everything you need in one member’s area:

  • All trainings, resources and tools in one EASY to navigate dashboard
  • INCLUDED softwares essential to your business, plus more added regularly
  • Access to our exclusive FB community
  • EXCLUSIVE deals on the best tools we use for our business - we occasionally invest in softwares & tools to grow our profits, and due to our standing in the industry can access them at the lowest possible prices … With your membership you’ll be introduced to these same tools and be able to get them up for far less than you could anywhere else
  • Industry-best rates on copywriting services - as a member you’ll have exclusive access to the same 7 figure copywriters we use for ALL our launches … this team is behind over a dozen AWARD WINNING launches this year alone … and you’ll be able to hire them for 50% off their normal rate to EXPLODE the sales of your very own digital products

Why The Launch Express

You already know the money is online. We just want to show you how to get it. Like anything else, you have options:

  • You could continue to buy product after product, hoping for a push-button solution (that in your gut know doesn’t exist)
  • You could pay THOUSANDS for 1-on1 private coaching with no guarantee of results
  • You could invest in a membership site thrown together by an online marketer that creates a new product every week and has zero proof of real student results

At The Launch Express, we do ONE thing.

We create and market digital products, and show others how to do the same thing with PREDICTABLE results.

We’ve broken it down into a science after YEARS of testing and THOUSANDS of dollars in trial and error.

There is no guessing with this system. Follow the program, get results, get paid. It really is that simple - and we’ve got your back every step of the way.

How Do I Know This Will Work For Me?

It’s worked for hundreds of others and you’ve seen real proof of results from several of our students on this page.

If you’re motivated and have just a few hours per week to devote to creating your business, this will work for you. And we absolutely guarantee it.

The Launch Express Membership UNCONDITIONAL 200% Money Back Guarantee

Go through the entire training with us and implement the system as described. If you follow our instructions and don’t make at least TWICE your investment back with 90 days of launching your digital product …

We will send DOUBLE your initial investment back to you.

It doesn’t get any more fair than that. Follow the program, take the simple steps, get results. If you don’t, DOUBLE your money back.

“When most people start talking to me about supporting their product launches I stop listening and ignore them because the only time I hear from them is when they want me to promote. Not with Simon…

When he gets in touch it’s never just about HIM, he makes it about ME.

He’s always there to help if I need him and a pleasure to work with. His advice has definitely helped me make several thousand dollars more on launches than I would have”

Stuart Walker

“Simon is one of the most hardworking guys I have worked with … he is always there to help you out with anything anytime. I really enjoy promoting his stuff. Great work brother”

Gaurab Borah

(Monthly)Accelerator Growth: Cash Program

Sounds Great, So What’s The Catch?

No catch EXCEPT one very important thing. We are strictly limiting enrollment to this program. Every member deserves our 100% support so once we get to a certain level, it becomes unavailable.

That’s not some false scarcity or sales tactic, that’s just the way it is. We believe in providing TOP QUALITY support to our members. We will go above and beyond to ensure the success of ANYONE who joins our team.

(Monthly)Accelerator Growth: Cash Program


Like any other investment, you should do your research. But please know this: time really is money, especially now. Every second you waste in NOT setting up your online business translates to lost profits. And in the meantime, your competition is grabbing your potential customers.


30 days from now, you could be in 1 of 2 places. Either well on your way to an online business generating consistent, passive profits … OR still wondering what you’re going to do next. This is the solution and your investment is guaranteed with our double-your-money-back guarantee. You’ve got nothing to lose by acting now. You know what to do.

No, Thanks I don't want the help like other top marketers, I'd rather go alone.