About Us

What Can Launch Express Do for ME?

WE here at The Launch Express

Provide a proven system, that allows individuals or businesses to overcome their obstacles.

We are here to help those that are overwhelmed, by allowing them to quickly consolidate profitability, eliminate any wasted efforts and time sucking tasks, to make sure that every version of your business that can be put on auto pilot becomes that.

We strive to help individuals and businesses in whatever stage of development they are at, from total newbies to 7 figure earners. We make sure that they spend less time in the office, but are still growing their business at a rapid rate.

Our Key goal is to help create stable and growing businesses, so that individuals are able to achieve their goals.

Our future clients are currently leading a life full of stress, boredom and lack of direction, spending many hours in the office trying to find that break through. Many of the entrepreneurs we have worked with have entered into business, without knowing the crucial and fundamental aspects of creating a stable and profitable company. This leads to good people just creating a JOB for themselves without any real reward.

We strive to have a huge positive impact on both our clients and society, helping to improve the life of the business owner, and their staff, giving thousands of people the opportunity to live a better life.

With our proven system we will help grow and create a stable business, whilst delivering value and enabling the customer to benefit from the goods and services produced.

Many good people have followed the dream of the Internet lifestyle. They truly believed that they could get there all by themselves. But reality sets in when they realize they are working all of their waking hours, seeing very little of their family and friends and are still not getting everything done in their business. They have created a never-ending job that they can't escape from...

So we exist to enable these Internet entrepreneurs to make more profits... to get more time off... and to grow a business they can walk away from without affecting profits. We want them to be able to spend more time on living their lives and enjoying their family and friends. We bring them control over their lives, certainty that their businesses will operate efficiently without their presence and the ability to leverage resources so they can achieve their dream of... Well it's your Dream we can just help you make it a reality.

The Founder

Simon Harries, the founder of The Launch Express. A Graduate from Cardiff University in Business Management & Marketing. He has a proven track record for taking business ideas and making them a reality with a proven system.

After leaving university Simon seemed set on a career in business development and marketing. He brought innovation and new ideas to a global company helping them seal some of their biggest contracts to date. But after some time he decide to leave, and went to work as a Marketing Director for a start-up business to help them grow.

Implementing and innovating new strategies to help this new struggling business succeed was a passion for Simon. He was at the forefront of all things great, and even helped them become one the fastest growing companies in America, and all within 2 years of joining the company.

His system and execution for the company saw their turnover increase by 10 times in a space of 12 months, helping to create over 16 new jobs.

This success did come at a cost, Simon spent more and more time in the office as time went on, even more than the owner, and he was only getting paid a fraction of what the owner was making.

So Simon decide to set up a company of his own, to do it for himself, and to help others who find themselves in similar situations… His client.

Simon was now free to work on his proven system, improving it as time went on, and by doing so was able to help many clients in different niches take control of their lives.