I've Made This Page Because Super Affiliates Like You Deserve Better! I'm Turning The Industry On Its Head To Bring You The Easiest & Most Lucrative Affiliate Experience Ever!

Dear super affiliate,

Simon Harries here… You probably know me as one of the top launch and JV managers on JVZoo. I’ve been involved with many of the top 6-7 figure launches on JVZoo.

In 2019 I’m going to kick it into high gear and I would love for you to join me on this ride. Your reward will be affiliate commissions and prizes far beyond what you are used to seeing on JVZoo.

I’m going to focus on 3 top tier vendors and a total of 9 product launches for the entire year.

This means that we are going all in. We have the time, funds and expertise to make each of these launches a success and making sure you, our affiliates enjoy your most profitable year.

A part from the commissions, there are some amazing benefits for you, if you promote all 9 launches.

Check out the page below to read more and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.






Maximize Your
Affiliate Commissions


Promote Real
Quality Over Quantity


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Excellence & Innovation
Meet The Vendors...

I have assembled the perfect dream team in order to bring you a series of high quality product launches that are guaranteed.

Luke Maguire is the energetic, young and innovative social media whizz, who challenged the old boys and turned JVZoo on it’s head with a series of epic 6 figure launches.


Soren from the IM Wealth Builders is an industry veteran and has been launching high quality products since 2005. A fountain of knowledge, experience and a successful copywriter.

Soren Jordansen

Another veteran and industry pioneer who has been publishing information products since the late 90’s. Know as a fantastic teacher and highly sought after public speaker.


These 3 top industry names

are more than capable of cranking out big launches on their own… Put them together and we have the makings of something truly explosive!

Have your instagram account/accounts like, comment and engage with your target market 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Start seeing new likes, followers, leads, traffic & sales coming back to you from day 1, it’s just that simple.

You’ll earn 50% commissions for life and a chance to run away with one of the awesome prizes in our $20,000 JV contest

Upcoming Launches
Add These To Your Calendar Today!

In order to make things as easy as possible for you, I have locked in the dates for all our launches for all of 2019. You can click to add them to your calendar right now and have your promo schedule sorted for the entire year!

Luke Maguire / MAY 2019

Start Promoting These NOW!

These Products are currently ready to promote and all sales will contribute to the year leaderboard

Luke Maguire

Conversion rate 14%+ EPC $8.60

Nick James


Huge $10,000 JV Contest
Who Is The Real Top Dog?

While each of the launches will have its own affiliate contest with the juicy prizes you have come to expect…

I wanted to take things to the next level and really reward people who promote all 9 launches. That’s why we’ll have a JV contest running for all of 2019, spanning all 9 launches.

Do you have what it takes to finish the year on top? Not only will you win the ultimate bragging rights as the real top dog in internet marketing-

we’ll also send you a
whopping $6,000

JV Contest

Are You The Industry’s
Top Dog Affiliate?

Twice The Contests, More Than Double The Rewards!

Here are the prizes for the
combined top 10 affiliates

4. $500

5. $250

6. $100

7. $75

8. $50

9. $25

10. $10

Live Leaderboard


Frequent Promoter Points
The World’s First Affiliate Loyalty Program

I don’t just want to shower the top 10 affiliates with cash though…

I want to reward everyone who promotes all 9 launches in 2019.

That’s we came up with our new “Frequent Promoter Points” system (FPP). If you promote all 9 launches, every single sale you make will earn you points. These points can reward you with unique prizes, sexy merchandise and even commission bumps!

It doesn’t matter if you are the #1affiliate or #173.

As long as you consistently promote all 9 launches, we will reward you with points and awesome prizes.

Prizes for everyone, not just the top 10.

Win unique gifts, prizes and commission bumps.

Get rewarded for all your efforts.


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One Mailing Schedule
To Rule Them All!
And One Less Thing To Worry About In 2019

Mailing for new product launch every day is rarely the best idea. You’ll quickly burn out your lists and you’ll also end up spending more time on your affiliate marketing than you do on your own business.

By going all in on promoting 9 quality launches in one year, you will maximize your earnings…

and you will free up time for building your own business, products and lists.

As you can see in the schedule above, there will be a 6 week break in between the launches. This will give you plenty of time to get your promotion ready and to promote other stuff on side.

Get your mailing schedule and promotions squared away today and have one less thing to worry about in 2019!

Stop Chasing Lazy Marketers & Get Everything You Need - On Time!

Promo Materials, Sales
Pages & Review Access Are
Ready Weeks Before Launch - Guaranteed!

Custom Promo Tools,
Interviews, Help With Bonuses?
Ask & You Shall Receive!

Stop Wasting Time On Affiliate
Marketing & Focus On Your Own
Business Instead!

Chasing down review access or swipe emails 1 hour before a launch goes live is neither fun nor productive… But unfortunately it seems to be the norm these days.

I understand that your time is valuable and that you are busy with your business.

That’s why we will ensure that all our promo materials, previews and review access are ready at least X weeks before a launch goes live.

Do you need custom promo materials, an interview, help with your bonuses? No worries, just contact me and I will get you sorted ASAP.

Instant Commissions
Bonuses & Prizes Paid On Time Guaranteed!

Don’t know about you, but I’m sick of chasing down late commission payments or contest prizes.

The 3 vendors I am working with have never missed a single payment

and that’s why I’m comfortable with giving you a personal guarantee today. If you promote any of the launches on this page…

You will earn instant commissions straight to your Paypal. Any contest prizes or bonuses you qualify for will be paid on time, every time!

If there are any problems or delays you don’t have to chase down anything or anyone… Simply contact me and I will get you sorted.

We Can & Will Bring The Heat
To Your Product Launches

While Luke, Soren and Nick individually can and will bring a lot of heat when they promote new product launches.

Just imagine what they can do when they team up!

Their combined list size will result in server crushing traffic, while their experience, copy skills and awesome bonuses will generate tons of sales for you.

We always reciprocate and support our top affiliates and we want to light up your launches too!

We Reciprocate & Support Our Top Affiliates

Experience Server Crushing Traffic & Sales Like Never Before!

Light A Fire Under Your Launch With The Industry’s Top Affiliate Team

I’m Here For You
Contact Me At Any Time!

I’m here to help you earn huge affiliate commissions and to make your work and life as easy as possible . I want to make sure that you have everything you need and that all your questions are answered.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time - I am here for you!